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19nitten Affiliate Program

Other sites pay 50% or higher commissions. Won't I make more money with them?

Comparing different percentages paid out by websites isn't an accurate way to predict sales potential, or how much you will make from a particular site. Imagine the following example:

Site A pays 50% commission for each sale and has a price point of $30. (You receive $15 per sale.)
Site B pays 25% commission, but has a price point of $60. (You also receive $15 per sale.)

Both sites offer a $15 commission per sale. But, there's a catch. Who pays CCBill's fees? CCBill charges up to 14.5% in fees for every transaction. Most sites "split" the transaction fees with the affiliate, meaning you could be subtracting up to 7.25% from your commission! With 19nitten's affiliate program, we pay ALL of CCBill's fees so you will get the full commission for every sale.

Perhaps the more important factor here is conversion rate. What percentage of the traffic that you send to a site converts to sales? For instance, you need to send 100 visitors to Site A to make a sale, whereas Site B gives you two sales for the same amount of traffic. Site B, even though its commission is half that of Site A's, will double the money you make.

As you can see, Site B's lower percentage commission doesn't necessarily mean it is less profitable or "competitive".

There are other factors as well, like production costs. A site that offers non-exclusive content, which is basically materials found on dozens of other sites, costs little to setup and maintain. Such sites can offer you 60% commission or more and still make a profit. On the other hand, a site that publishes only exclusive content and exclusive live video feeds, such as 19nitten, has much higher production costs. The difference between the two is that a site publishing new, exclusive content continually, will undoubtedly outsell non-exclusive sites.

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